6540 (2016) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

Red (2016) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

Yellow Orange (2016) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

Yellow Purple (2016) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

Vapor Mask (2015) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

5376 (2015) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

5904 (2015) Digital Drawing. 2048x1536 ppi

Eye vs. I (2015) Digital Drawing. 1943x949 ppi

Big Tooth Purple Self-Examining with a Navel Probe (2013) Digital Drawing. 3600x3600 ppi

Opposites Attract (2013) Smartphone Digital Drawing. 800x480 ppi

Red Lines, Yellow Lines (2013) Smartphone Digital Drawing. 800x480 ppi

Red Rabbit Room (2013) Smartphone Digital Drawing. 800x480 ppi

Yellow Web (2013) Smartphone Digital Drawing. 800x480 ppi

Bluer on the Inside (2012) Digital Drawing. 2400x2400 ppi

Red Lines, Yellow Lines (2013) Smartphone Digital Drawing. 800x480 ppi

Envy Blanket (2012) Digital Drawing. 2400x2400 ppi

Heart Sweater (2012) Smartphone Digital Drawing. 800x480 ppi

Letting Go Alone Trip (2012) Digital Drawing. 1600x1600 ppi

Obscured in the Battle of the Twins (2012) Digital Drawing. 1600x1600 ppi

Road Shadow Running (2012) Digital Drawing. 1600x1600 ppi

Spring Shoots in the Armpit of an Departing Mother (2012) Digital Drawing. 1600x1600 ppi

Pink Bolt Outside Agitator (2011) Digital Drawing . 1600x1600 ppi

When A Head Needs Rolling (2011) Digital Drawing. 2400x2400 ppi