PAINTINGS (2010-2019)

Figure Study on Gray Ground (2018) Gesso, Graphite, Acrylic, Latex on Wood. 44 inches diameter

The Visit (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 48 x 48 inches

Abstraction #2 (2016) Acrylic on Wood. 36x36 inches

Can't Talk If You Can't Listen (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 13x25 inches

Drunk Drowned (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 15x24 inches

Dunce Fatigue (2015) Acrylic on Canvas. 12x12 inches

Goodbye Envy (2015) Acrylic on Canvas. 12x12 inches

Green Eye (2015)  Acrylic on Canvas. 24x24 inches

Mother and Mothering (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 14x27 inches

Orange Squirt (2015) Acrylic on Canvas. 24x30 inches

Nodding Off in the Clot of Years (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 24x48 inches

Orange Tongue Barking at the Blue Cut Tube (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 24x48 inches

Tired Tomato, Alfred (2015) Acrylic on Canvas. 12x12 inches

Touch of the Green Hand (2015) Acrylic on Canvas. 12x12 inches

Watching the Falling Heart (2015) Acrylic on Wood. 36x48 inches

Masked Orange (2014) Acrylic on Wood. 24x24 inches

New Gray (2014) Acrylic on Wood. 24x24 inches

Secret Handshakes and Private Gestures (2014) Acrylic on Wood. 31x31 inches

Before Eyes Dream (2010) Oil on Wood. 30x24 inches

Untitled (2010) Acrylic on Wood. 30x24 inches