44 E 6th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

(2010 - 2012)

"See Saw Seen" was a commissioned double-mural for the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati. It was created over 3 weeks, on site, in April 2010 and remained through January 2012.
The installation was in a small windowless room with two long walls (17ft and 34ft) opposite one another. The lighting in the room was on a timer that cycled in one minute intervals from white light to darkness, then to UV (black) light. While the white light was on, the 3D Wall Drawing was visible. Viewers wore red and blue Anaglyph Glasses to enjoy the mural with enhanced depth.

Invisible Wall Drawing (left) and 
3D Wall Drawing (right) under white light

3D Wall Drawing (2010)
Acrylic,Marker on Wall.10x17ft

3D Wall Drawing detail

Viewing the 3D Wall Drawing
with red & blue anaglyph glasses

Then, the white lights dimmed to darkness. Viewers turned around and with small UV flashlights were able to illuminate a bright blue line drawing. After one minute, the entire Invisible Wall Drawing was revealed by a row of overhead UV fluorescent bulbs. A minute later the white lights slowly turned on and the drawing disappeared. 

Time-lapse showing the use of a UV flashlight  
 on the very first Invisible Wall Drawing (2003)

Invisible Wall Drawing (left) and 
3D Wall Drawing (right) under UV light

Invisible Wall Drawing (2010)
UV Light-Sensitive Ink on Wall. 10x34ft.

Invisible Wall Drawing detail

The impermanent UV light-sensitive ink faded in five months. Each time that happened I returned to create a new Invisible Wall Drawing. Three more were needed and made over the 2-year run of the exhibition,in October 2010, April 2011, and the final in October 2011.

Invisible Wall Drawing #2 (Oct.2010) detail

Invisible Wall Drawing #3 (Apr.2011)

Invisible Wall Drawing #3 detail

Invisible Wall Drawing #4 (Oct.2011) detail