FIRE (2017) - Exhibition

...An Immersive Installation.



1. Tattooed Trees in Autumn Park (2004/17)
Acrylic, Marker on Photomural on Styrofoam.
9x12 ft.

2. Ember Generator (2004/17)
Mylar, Wood, Fan.
72x72 in.

3. Smoke Cloud Daydreams (2017)
Acrylic, Graphite on Foamcore.
8x11 ft.

4. Fake Fire, Fake Tree (2017)
Vintage Aluminum, Wood, Plastic Tree & Cardboard
4x6x5 ft.

5. In the Corner of the Woods (2017)
Photo on Masonite. Framed Print on Aluminum
Easel. White Noise Machine w.Thunderstorm Audio.

6. Fire Sticks (2017)
Acrylic, Marker on Paper on PVC Sheet
42x84 in.

7. Flicker (2017)
Digital Print on PVC Sheet.
48x96 in.

8. Surf's Up (2017)
Latex, Acrylic Spray Paint, Resin on MDF
36x84 in.