Vinyl Mural (2019) Acrylic on Vinyl. 4x19ft

Camp Mural (2018)
Spray Paint on Wall. 18x33ft (detail).

Black Wall (2018) Chalk on Wall. 10x24ft.

White Wall (2018) India Ink on Wall. 10x28ft.

The Park (2004/2017)
Marker, Acrylic on Photomural. 8x13ft.

Where There's Smoke (2017)
Pencil, Acrylic on Foamcore on Wood.
74x112in. (detail)

Phone Mural After Codice Mound (2013)
Latex on Wall. ~9x14ft (detail).

Invisible Wall Drawing #4 (2011)
UV Light-Sensitive Ink on Wall. 10x34ft.

3D Wall Drawing (2010) Acrylic, Marker on Wall. 10x17ft.

Yellow Wall Drawing (2010)
Marker, Acrylic on Wall. 14x14ft.

Gray Wall Drawing (2009) Marker, Acrylic on Wall. 10x37ft.

Yellow Wall Drawing (2008)
Pencil&Acrylic on Wall. 10x35ft.(Detail)

Drawing On The Walls (2005) Ink on Walls. 12x140ft.

Blue Drawing (2004) Ink and Acrylic on Paper. 7x40ft.

Portraits Wall Drawing (2004)
Latex on Wall. 13x33ft.

Invisible Wall Drawing (2003)
UV-sensitive Ink on Wall w.UV-Flashlights.
11x14 ft. (time lapse)

Gray Wall Drawing (2000)
Acrylic, Marker on Wall. 8x30ft.

Morning Forest (2000)
Acrylic, Marker on Photomural. 8x13ft.

Pink Wall Drawing (1999)
Marker, Gouache on Wall. 6x6ft.

Wall Drawing (1997) Ink on Wall. 8x30ft.

Wall Drawing (1995) Pencil on Wall. 6x6ft.

Office Wall Drawing (1994) India Ink on Wall.