*June 8, 2020

I recently had the privilege of creating an on-site improvised wall mural.

*March 23, 2022

One of my strangest projects to date, I created a unique on the walls improvised 360 mural in each of four toilet stalls (rooms) at Lucius Q Barbecue restaurant from Feb.24th to Mar.10th. The appeal was a combination of yet another play on opposites, fine art in a low place and the opportunity to produce immersive interiors, not unlike VR environments, but with traditional (analog) materials. 

Lucius Q Loo #1, 2022

Lucius Q Loo #2, 2022

Lucius Q Loo #3, 2022

Lucius Q Loo #4, 2022

*February 5, 2022
NEW ADDITONS  to my Website


*September 12, 2021
"FILLING THE VOID" Closing Reception 
 Oct. 15th (Fri) 6-9 pm

"Filling the Void"  by Rick Mallette.   
Summit Hotel 
5345 Medpace Way
Cincinnati, OH 45227

The exhibition continues through Oct.23rd and can be viewed 24 hours  a day except when the gallery is closed  for a private event. For more information  and to confirm the gallery is open, call The Summit Hotel, 513-327-9900. 

ABOVE:  Red, Black Drawing, 2021. sharpie marker on canvas. 72 x 48 inches (Detail)


*September 9, 2021



*August 2, 2021
Opening Aug. 5th (Thu) 5-8 pm

Rick Mallette
Filling the Void

Aug 5 - Oct 16

The Gallery at The Summit Hotel  
5345 Medpace Way
Cincinnati OH 45227

Opening reception
Thursday Aug 5
 5-8 pm  

The Gallery at the Summit Hotel is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, Rick Mallette: Filling the Void. This show opens with a reception on Thursday, August 5 from 5 - 8 PM. The reception is free and open to the public and the artist will be present.

For this exhibition, the gallery presents large-scale murals and paintings by Cincinnati-based artist Rick Mallette. Reading much like automatic drawings, Mallette's pieces are distinguished by the highly animated movement of their biomorphic imagery. Bursting with energy, these shapes float abstractly against almost claustrophobic grounds, and with few places for the eye to rest, offer unending surprises for the viewer. Of special significance are a number of new works made by the artist specifically for this exhibition. 

Rick Mallette received an MFA in 1994 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA in 1990 from Western Michigan University. The artist shows extensively in the region and is in a number of important collections.

Rick Mallette: Filling the Void runs through October 16 and can be viewed 24 hours a day except when the gallery is closed for a private event. For more information and to confirm the gallery is open, call The Summit Hotel, 513-527-9900. 

Image: Poppies #5, 2021, acrylic spray and acrylic marker on photomural, 100 x 72 inches 
Presenting a mix of group and solo exhibitions, The Gallery at The Summit Hotel showcases some of the best art in the tri-state region. Organized by Alternate Projects, the exhibitions change every 3 to 4 months and feature works by seasoned and emerging artists as well as selections from private collections. Boasting 5,700 square feet, and located just off of the hotel's lobby, the gallery is open 24 hours a day, except when closed for a private event. 
Alternate Projects is an online gallery specializing in artist publications, editions, ephemera and unique works with an emphasis on the historic, scarcely found, uncommon and radical. Alternate Projects also organizes and curates exhibitions. 


*March 5, 2021
RECEPTION PICS from Off Ludlow Gallery


*March 5, 2021
OPENING TONIGHT at Off Ludlow Gallery!!!

"DRAWING WITH PAINT" New Works by RICK MALLETTE - Art Opening Fri. Mar.5th, 4-8 pm.

Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to my art exhibition of new works "Drawing with Paint"
at Off-Ludlow Gallery in Clifton (3408 Ormond Ave).
Opening reception is this Friday, March 5th, 4-8pm.
I'll also be sitting the gallery the next day, Saturday, March 6th 12-4pm and the final day of the show Saturday April 10th, 12-4pm.
Regular hours are Fridays 4-8pm.
Hope to see you there.


Also, you are welcome to call the gallery at (513) 201-7153 or me directly at (513) 807-3276 for a private showing.


*October 10, 2020

Highlights from a socially distanced exhibition of recent paintings in my studio at the annual Camp Washington neighborhood art event, MADE IN CAMP. My contribution included 12 paintings and one mural.

Red/Black Mural, 2020
Sharpie marker on wall
10x15 feet (detail)

The Soft Nettles of Watermelon Hill, 2020 
Acrylic on wood
24x48 inches

Where’s Where? 2020
Acrylic on wood
36x36 inches


*May 1, 2020

I recently updated my "EXHIBITIONS" page to include links to pages for many shows, including specific dates, address details, artist statements, press, installation pictures, inventory lists and individual images. Take a look and enjoy.


*April 10, 2020
Nine oil on canvas (or panel) paintings completed in 2020.

More here


*January 4, 2020
Occulus Rift goggles with Google Tiltbrush
360 Interactive View Link