University Museum
1000 Faner Drive
Carbondale, IL 62901

"Black Wall / White Wall"
August 24 - October 27, 2018

I specialize in wall drawings (including interactive pieces), paintings (on canvas, wood, postcards and photomurals), hand-cut mylar, traditional drawings and digital drawings (with laptop, smart phone, gif animations and virtual reality).
I work quickly with no preconceptions, searching for imagery in the medium, which surprises me both formally and conceptually, with an ear to the metaphorical possibilities in abstracting the human head and figure.
I have produced dozens of improvised site-specific wall drawings since my first in 1994. The two murals in this exhibition were likewise created spontaneously, here on the walls, in six days, and will exist until they're painted over by museum staff in preparation for the next exhibition. 

Walk Through Video

White Wall, 2018. india ink on wall. 10 x 28 feet

Black Wall, 2018. chalk on wall. 10 x 24 feet